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The Jonathan Hernandez Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Application

Scholar and a Dream is a non-profit organization dedicated towards enhancing the lives of
minority students through scholarship, career development and mentorship.

The Jonathan Hernandez Memorial Scholarship was founded in 2022 to honor Jonathan's legacy of selflessness and philanthropy. Jonathan was a strong advocate for second chances, and believed in the power of education as a tool to change lives. In his memory, Scholar and a Dream will be awarding a $1,000 scholarship to a selected NYC high school student or graduate (either H.S. Diploma or High School Equivalency (HSE) , who will be attending a trade or vocational institution for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. In addition to the financial award, scholarship recipients will also receive the services below:

-Mentorship & Career Advisement
-Networking Opportunities
-Professional Headshots
-Periodical Care Packages


Mentorship & Career Advisement

We understand that choosing a field to pursue after completing your secondary education is hard. Whatever you decide, it’s important to enter the industry you want with the knowledge you need to make informed and beneficial decisions. 
Through Scholar & A Dream, we offer proper mentorship and guidance for our scholarship recipients to help them navigate their studies and have a leg up in the real world.


Professional Headshots

Quality headshots convey professionalism, credibility and can help you stand out in a crowded job market. They show that you take your future seriously and that you’re committed to presenting yourself in a polished and professional manner. In today's digital world, a strong headshot can make a big impact on your career success.


Networking Opportunities

Our team of mentors, coaches, and teachers, along with our extensive student network, provide numerous opportunities for all students to succeed. We host meet-and-greets with professionals in various fields, giving students the chance to boost their professionalism, increase their visibility, and land opportunities.


Periodical Care Packages

When you become part of Scholar & A Dream, we welcome you into our dynamic world, helping you with education while supporting multiple aspects of career building. We provide care packages throughout the year at certain times that will enable you to progress toward your goals.

Scholar & A Dream
501(c)(3) non-profit organization

At Scholar & A Dream, we are passionate about the transformative power of education. We strive to invest in the future by providing our scholars with the tools and opportunities they need to reach their highest potential. We believe that every person, regardless of their background, has the right to succeed. That's why we provide scholarships, mentorship and career guidance to help students overcome financial constraints and access opportunities that will help them achieve their goals. Join us in our mission to give the next generation the chance to thrive and achieve their goals.

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“Winning the 2020 Scholar & A Dream Scholarship has been a major highlight of my year. The college mentorship program at Scholar & A Dream paired me with an amazing mentor who is just as passionate about nursing as I am. They have provided ongoing motivation and support throughout my nursing program, and their help has greatly aided in my success.”

 Bonnie Huang, Scholar

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