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Ademar Perez

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I’m a first generation, technology professional from Harlem, NY. Just like the rest of the founders, I studied at Syracuse University and obtained a B.S. degree in Finance with a minor in Global Enterprise Technology. With 10+ years of technology experience at top multinational organizations and startups, I empowered 50+ teams over the last 7 years to become self-organizing and high performing. I’m currently a Senior Agile Coach at Xero, a global small business platform where I coach senior product leaders and cultivate high performing leadership teams. In my spare time, I enjoy networking, reconnecting with friends and traveling the world with my wife exploring different cultures.


Chief Operating Officer

Why Did You Create S&D?

Giving back to the community is one of my passions. While at Syracuse University, I served as the president of a community-service oriented student organization where I had the opportunity to inspire underprivileged Syracuse students via educational workshops, events, and mentorship. I always knew I wanted to continue my community service efforts and co-founding Scholar & A Dream was the perfect outlet to drive this passion of mine forward. I firmly believe every minority deserves better than what the current system provides for us.

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Why Is Scholarship Important?

I envision a world where all underrepresented students have equal access to resources so they can explore their passions. It would have been impossible for me to connect my passion for business and technology to a career in tech without the guidance and mentorship of the successful black men that crossed my path early on in my personal development. For this reason, I’m focused on building the strong leaders of tomorrow, mentoring and career coaching.

It's a big deal that all 8 co-founders of Scholar & A Dream are 100% minority leaders and professionals. It’s imperative for young scholars to have role models that not only look like them but can also directly relate to their story. I’m extremely excited for the future of the organization. Mostly, however, I’m excited to see the organization grow through like-minded minority leaders who feel empowered and possess the same desire to enhance the lives of underrepresented groups in our community.

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Meet the Rest of our Founders

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Warsame Yusuf


What Do You Envision for S&D?

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