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Brian Ford

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As a corporate financier in management consulting and a native New Yorker, I am passionate about using my skills and experiences to make a positive impact. I grew up in Harlem and graduated from Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management in 2013, double majoring in Finance and Marketing Management. Throughout my career, I have worked in Financial Services across a range of industries, including fashion, publishing, television and more.


Chief Financial Officer

Why Did You Create S&D?

I’m a first-generation college student. I didn’t have much understanding or exposure to the different careers and opportunities that were actually available to me. Arriving to college on day one and discovering just how many different fields I could major in made me realize that I was already at a disadvantage right when I showed up. That’s when I thought, “how can anyone know what their dreams are if they aren’t even given the opportunity to dream in the first place?” 

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Why Is Scholarship Important?

Those from underserved communities can’t fathom more if they don’t know what more looks like. That’s why my primary focus within Scholar & A Dream is showing kids from these very communities the types of opportunities they might not even know exist, and to truly cultivate achievable dreams and attainable goals for children of color. 

What Do You Envision for S&D?

Scholar & A Dream was created by eight close friends who saw an opportunity to help their communities with the skills they were given. We all were fortunate enough to get to where we are with help from family, friends, teachers, and leaders who saw that we could have a positive impact on the world. We want to ensure that all the students after us have those same opportunities and more. 

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Meet the Rest of our Founders

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Brandon Glasgow

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Warsame Yusuf

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